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Wholefoods is ready for fall!! #i<3squash (Taken with Instagram)
Good one Architectural Record. One might say they have 99 problems but their arena ain’t one #hova #rocafella (Taken with Instagram at all work and no play makes noah a dull boy)

An image of the Earth and moon, taken from the Galileo spacecraft at a distance of about 3.9 million miles. Marcelo Gleiser of NPR’s 13.7 blog writes:

“Far into the future, with the continuous slowing-down of Earth’s spin, a day will last about 47 hours and the distance to the Moon will be 43 percent longer than today.”

But we certainly won’t be around to see it. That is, unless you can survive the explosion of the sun. — rachel
Photo: NASA
» Michael K. Williams made a mix for Omar, his character from "The Wire"



In order to get into the zone, Williams makes playlists that match the personalities of the characters he plays. Makes sense that his Omar playlist would include a lot of Lauryn Hill, Biggie Smalls and 2pac:

  • 2pac, “Unconditional Love”
  • Nas, “Let There be Light”
  • Young Jeezy, “Dreamin’”
  • Mary J. Blige, “My Life”
  • Lauryn Hill, “Oh Jerusalem”
  • Jay-Z, “You Must Love Me”
  • 2pac, “So Many Tears”
  • Biggie Smalls “Suicidal Thoughts”
  • Young Jeezy “Bury me a G”
  • Jay-Z, “Oh My God”
  • Biggie Smalls, “Who Shot Ya”
  • 2pac, “Against All Odds”
  • Biggie Smalls, “Everyday Struggle”
  • Nas, “One Mic”
  • Lauryn Hill, “War in the Mind”
  • Common, “It’s Your World”
  • Lauryn Hill, “Mystery of Iniquity”
  • Meshell Ndegeocello, “Akel Dama (Field of Blood)”
  • Lauryn Hill, “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind”
  • 2pac, “Dear Mama”
  • Sun Tan “Sunscreen”

And in case you missed it, here’s our interview with Williams from last year.

Nice Spotify playlist, Omar.

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I see nothing wrong with this.—Daisy 
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